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Dot delivers health

A dot on the forehead is improving health for women in India. Grey for Good, part of the Singapore-based  Grey Group created an iodine-coated bindi – the small dot on the forehead  – to deliver a daily dose of iodine to counteract lack of the mineral in the soil

Relative Zoom

ZoomPast enables complex family trees to be explored using an interface similar to an interactive map to see the whole ancestral picture and link up with relatives. Its creators are Dr James Rosindell of Imperial College and Kai Zhong, a software developer.

Heart Repair

Where else to find stem cells that can regenerate the heart except in the heart? Pioneering work by the British Heart Foundation and Imperial College offers hope for repairing ‘irreversible’ damage to the heart.

Pub Wisdom

Pubs are undergoing a Renaissance as places of education: The Pint of Science festival in 2012 created a new wave of pub talk and now 40 cities around the world combine drinking with science and philosophy seminars.

Data Cruncher

Turning information from paper documents into searchable computer files generally requires manual data entry. Kuang Chen of Captricity developed software that broke up document images into fragments that were sent to human readers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform. The transcriptions were used for algorithms that took over the work.

Dementia Champion

David Cameron has pledged to make the UK a world leader in treating dementia and deliver a cure by 2025.

Cool Fingers

Ross Weir patented a mesh that enables runners to keep their hands at a comfortable temperature. The mesh on the palm of the gloves keeps hands insulated when they are closed and wicks away heat and sweat when they are open.

Building in a Bag

Two engineers, Peter Brewin and Will Crawford, had the idea of impregnating canvas with concrete and the building in a bag was born. It requires only water and air to make shelters for disaster relief and military operations